Reasons why homes don’t sell

If your home is on the market and it hasn’t sold, one or more of the reasons below may be the problem.

Your Price is Too High

The most common reason for a home not selling is that the asking price is too high. Your home is competing against other properties for sale. Remember, your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Even a buyer paying cash will probably be smart enough to require an appraisal contingency in the contract.


Your Marketing is Insufficient

You WILL NOT get the same results from every Realtor! Many factors such as office location, advertising of your property, the experience of your agent, and the sales commission offered to Buyers Agents WILL affect the sale of your home. 


Does your agent work from a bedroom at home conveniently located near the fridge and afternoon soap operas on TV? Or from a professional office surrounded by  dozens of other full time agents that might have a buyer for your property? Is your agent promoting the sale of your property, or just hoping another agent will spot it in the MLS? Does your agent have a personal website?  Is your property on all of the BEST real estate websites?  Have you verified the way your property appears to BUYERS on Realtor.com, the # 1 real estate website in the world? On Zillow? On Trulia?


What happens if a Realtor wants to show your home but your agent is sick/on vacation/ playing golf/ getting her nails done?  Many sellers fail to realize that listing with a part time agent could hurt their chances of selling. Does your Realtor lead a team, or is he just a one man (or one woman) show?  To insure total coverage, a serious Realtor will have a full time assistant AND pay a centralized showing service to schedule showings seven days a week.


Location, location, location

It’s the oldest cliché in the world, but it’s true.  When it comes to real estate, it’s all about location!  When it comes to homes, things like how good the schools are, crime rates, visual appeal of the neighborhood and noise or the smell of pollution will determine how desirable the location is.  Simply put, an identical home in a bad location won’t sell for as much as the same home in a better location.


Your home isn’t easy to show

To get your home sold quickly, it’s important that other agents in the area show it to as many potential buyers as possible.  When a busy agent is compiling a list of homes to show a buyer, the agent will naturally tend to show those houses that are easiest to gain access to first. 


The condition of your property is below par

Has your home been freshly painted inside and out? How old are the kitchen and bathrooms? Is your property best described by the phrase "like-new, move in ready" or "needs updating"?


You have an agent nobody likes

It may sound silly, but it’s very true.  If your listing agent isn’t liked or respected by other agents in your area, it could slow down the sale of your home.  If there are a number of good properties to choose from, and one of them has been listed by an agent that is hard to get along with, well…  It’s just human nature to avoid doing business with someone you don’t like.


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